West Shore Blvd

Complete Street Evaluation


City of Tampa, Florida


The importance of quality pedestrian and bicycle facilities has become a priority for many mixed-use neighborhoods to remain economically competitive.

West Shore Boulevard has a substantial concentration of destinations, particularly major office and retail space within the Westshore neighborhood, and is expected to see continued growth. It will be difficult to continue serving this development with an exclusively auto-oriented corridor. Therefore, the City of Tampa and ADEAS-Q evaluated alternatives to improve the bicycle and pedestrian experience. This included repurposing two of the existing six travel lanes down to four travel lanes to provide wider sidewalks, new bicycle lanes, and better landscaping all within the existing public right-of-way. Significant opportunities to reduce pedestrian crossing distances and to reduce unnecessary pavement were then also identified throughout the study area.

This project identifies feasible options to make West Shore Boulevard more of a “complete street” between Kennedy Boulevard and Spruce Street without a significant decline in vehicle capacity. Project activities include concept development, travel demand modeling, detailed capacity analysis, preliminary design, policy recommendations, and cost estimation. This effort included a stakeholder review committee comprised of various business organizations and public review agencies to identify priorities, participate in the concept development, and to review different alternatives before adopting recommendations.

  • "ADEAS-Q did a great job coordinating with multiple stakeholders. 10 out of 10."

    Ben Money, P.E. – Project Manager | City of Tampa, Florida