Training Workshop


Sarasota County, Florida


VISSIM is a unique traffic software that has the ability to provide true three-dimensional simulation of multi-modal travel including vehicles, heavy vehicles, bus transit, light-rail, pedestrians, and bicycles. Advanced traffic control characteristics including transit-signal priority, railroad preemption, network coordination, roundabouts, merge/weave maneuvering, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) can also be modeled. The software allows for the evaluation of numerous measures of effectiveness (MOEs) including queue, delay, stops, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, etc. Hands-on training was provided by Dr.Collins to County employees using VISSIM software, detailed technical training modules, and real world examples.

  • "I find that Dr. Jason Collins is extremely professional and knowledgeable in understanding the needs of the client, communicating with key people, and providing quality technical reports and studies."

    Paula Wiggins, P.E. – Transportation Manager | Sarasota county Government