Downtown Mobility Study


City of Venice and KHA


ADEAS-Q has worked with a team of professionals in downtown Venice, Florida to improve mobility on corridors within the downtown area. Multi-modal access, wayfinding, and parking are essential to providing the economic vitality within successful downtown areas. The results of this project is to help establish the need for a pedestrian scale urban transportation system that improves pedestrian, bicycle, and transit alternatives to reduce automobile dependency.

Parking emerged as a priority on this Project. Working as a sub-consultant to KHA on the Downtown Mobility Study ADEAS-Q has focused on improving parking demand and efficiency. Strategies such as modified on-street parking, angled parking conversions, shared parking, valet parking, policy updates, improved wayfinding, and the redesign of existing parking lots have each been evaluated during this process. We are pleased to be part of this exciting project.


  • Improved Multi-modal Access
  • Policy Updates
  • Improved Wayfinding
  • Shared Public Easement Agreements
  • Parking Conversions
  • New On-Street Parking
  • Public Involvement