Progress Energy

CR3 Uprate


Progress Energy Florida, Inc.


Dr. Collins managed as a sub-consultant the completion of traffic data collection, technical evaluation, and report documentation of the transportation impact analysis to modernize and uprate the Crystal River Energy Complex Unit 3, sufficient with the recommended procedures and methodologies of the Florida DOT and Citrus County.

The primary purpose of the study was to evaluate existing traffic operations and to determine anticipated traffic operations associated with the Unit 3 Uprate Project. If necessary, offsite mitigation measures that would restore acceptable level of service standards were identified. The traffic study was conducted to satisfy State regulatory requirements towards obtaining a "sufficiency approval" from the Florida DOT. A secondary purpose of the traffic study was to demonstrate compliance with Citrus County's traffic concurrency requirements.


  • Collection of data
  • Traffic capacity analysis and simulation
  • Report preparation
  • Local public review agency coordination
  • Citrus County and Florida DOT assistance
  • Public Agency coordination
  • Roadway Improvement Cost Estimation