Main Street

Reconstruction Plan


City of Sarasota, Florida


Main Street is a cultural and economic destination vital to the City of Sarasota's identity. The purpose of this project is to determine feasible streetscape and parking enhancements along Main Street in Downtown Sarasota. Streetscape enhancements improve the quality, function, and efficiency of available public spaces toward creating a more unique environment within the City's Historic District.

The culmination of this project is a Master Plan that identifies flexible design standards developed from alternatives created throughout the study process. Alternatives also allow for the integration of future transit services. An implementation plan for phased construction between the different study area segments was also be developed.

The study area for this project is the public right-of-way along the Main Street Corridor from the east side of the Bayfront Drive intersection to the US 301 intersection.

The study area is divided into four study segments:

  • Bayfront Drive to Five Points (Historic District)
  • Five Points to Orange Avenue (Historic District)
  • Orange Avenue to Osprey Avenue
  • Osprey Avenue to US 301