Downtown Tampa

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Program


Tampa Downtown Partnership


Dr. Collins was responsible for developing an implementation plan for a unique point-to-point, on-demand, public transit circulator system within the downtown core of Tampa, Florida using electric vehicles. The free service is intended to provide visitors, employees, and residents of the downtown convenient mobility while serving as a complement to the existing Downtown Guides Program. The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Program offers a context sensitive mobility alternative to downtown parking and congestion issues. Under this program patrons are able to access all major attractions in the downtown area without having to use private automobiles. This service has since been initiated by private sector companies, and has been replicated in other nearby cities.


  • Research and literature review
  • Program development
  • Creation of implementation plan
  • Assistance with grant funding
  • Report preparation

  • "This makes a lot of sense. Adeas-Q brings a lot to the table."

    Karen Kress – Transportation Manager | Downtown Tampa Partnership