Downtown Sarasota

Mobility Study


City of Sarasota & Florida Department of Transportation


To assist the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Sarasota, Florida to technically evaluate the adopted Downtown Sarasota Master Plan 2020.


  • Coordinate a network of thirty-six (36) signalized intersections within a four (4) square mile area
  • Multi-modal capacity analysis (automobile, transit, bicycle and pedestrian)
  • Detailed capacity and Level of Service (LOS) analysis of any proposed alternative, such as addition/removal of turn lanes, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and the addition or removal of through lanes on US 41
  • Evaluate hurricane evacuation and emergency response capabilities
  • Determining hurricane and emergency response capabilities and travel times between Downtown and Barrier Islands
  • Detailed multi-modal traffic simulation using VISSIM, Synchro/SimTraffic and Sidra software
  • Detailed Public Involvement

Project Recommendations:

$54 million of traffic operation improvements to enhance the area's transportation network. Recommendations summarized in Implementation Plan that identifies twelve (12) key projects with probable cost, preliminary design, responsible agency and time frame for construction.

  • "Both the city of Sarasota and the Florida DOT have continued to reference this study. Many of the recommendations are now moving forward to final design and construction."

    John Czerepak | Florida DOT, District 1