City of Tampa

Laurel Street & Doyle Carlton Drive Intersection


City of Tampa, Florida


Doyle Carlton Drive serves as an important north-south thoroughfare for areas next to the developing Arts and Riverwalk sections of Downtown. While there is an emphasis for improved pedestrian and multi-modal connectivity, the Laurel Street intersection at Doyle Carlton Drive has an auto-centric suburban style infrastructure and traffic control. The current infrastructure is outdated and in conflict with the objectives for this redeveloping neighborhood. Based upon this analysis, both proposed alternatives (AWSC or Roundabout) provide a high level of service to motor vehicle traffic while dramatically improving the intersection for people walking and bicycling. Both alternatives also provide significant opportunities for a strong connection with the Tampa Riverwalk and better efficiency of public space. A consideration for traffic with the adjacent drawbridge was also included.


  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Preliminary Designs
  • Cost Estimation
  • Multi-modal Accommodations
  • Parking Analysis